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When it comes to your roof, there are a lot of different materials that you can choose from. American West Roofing can replace your roof with asphalt shingles. Shingles are some of the most cost-effective roofing material options, but different types of shingles can provide your home with different benefits.

Architectural shingles are one of the most popular options because they have a long lifespan and wind warranty. They are also algae resistant. Three-tab shingles can protect your home for anywhere between 15 and 30 years. Lastly, there are specialty shingles that can resemble the look of cedar or slate.

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Why choose asphalt shingle roofing?

Why choose asphalt shingle roofing?

Regardless of what type of asphalt shingles you choose, shingles can:

  • Provide you with years of protection against the elements
  • Keep you within your budget even when you replace your entire roof
  • Increase the curb appeal of your home

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