Give Your Attic Insulation an Upgrade

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Many homes are built with some form of attic insulation. To cut costs, builders often use a minimal amount of low-quality insulation. Don't settle for the bare minimum. American West Roofing will strengthen your home's insulation with high-quality materials and a thorough application.

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3 reasons to set up an insulation installation

3 reasons to set up an insulation installation

What will happen if you leave your attic's insulation the way it is? A poor insulation job leaves your home vulnerable to...

  1. Pests: Flimsy insulation lets squirrels, racoons and insects invade your attic easily. Some even like using low-quality insulation as nesting materials.
  2. Moisture: Good insulation creates a barrier that keeps moisture out of your attic. This can prevent problems, such as mildew and water damage.
  3. Energy loss: The top reason to improve your attic's insulation is to prevent heat transfer and energy loss. Lower your energy bill by scheduling new insulation installation service.

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